Skatepark Elements in Bordeaux: the fusion of sport and Art

In the heart of Bordeaux, a daring convergence of sport and art has spectacularly materialized. Within a tight timeframe, our 3D Concrete team took on the technical challenge of creating unique skate elements that would capture the essence of adrenaline, innovation, and creativity. These skate modules, designed to merge sport and urban art, are now displayed at the city's water mirror, inviting all skate enthusiasts to partake in an experience that redefines the boundaries of this sport.


The birth of the challenge

The starting point of this adventure was a substantial technical challenge. Time was limited, but our determination was unwavering. Our team showcased our cutting-edge 3D printing technology to produce four major skate elements: a bump, two transfers, and a wallie. These elements would become skatable works of art, marrying the raw functionality of skateboarding with artistic beauty.


The outcome

The technical challenge quickly transformed into an impressive achievement. The skate elements were meticulously designed by Agence Cote Ouest, printed, and assembled to create functional and aesthetic urban sculptures. They offer a unique skateboarding experience, combining form and function in an entirely novel way. These elements capture the essence of skateboarding, providing an artistic canvas for every move and every trick.




Redefined experience

The vision of Agence Côte Ouest and Léo Valls (a professional skateboarder integral to the project) was to redefine the skateboarding experience, transcend conventions, and invite skateboarders to push their creative boundaries. The skate elements at the Water Mirror are more than just structures; they are concrete canvases on which skateboarders can paint their movements. When we shared these creations on social media, numerous skateboarders, both amateurs and professionals, expressed their enthusiasm.


A shared mission

Our project was not just a technical adventure but a shared mission with our artistic partner. They expressed their commitment by saying, "Creating connections and sparking curiosity through skateboarding and art is the mission we've set for ourselves." By collaborating closely with Agence Côte Ouest and its artistic director Brice Fauquet, we produced skateable sculptures that captivate and surprise. Inspired by pebbles, these works invite skateboarders and passersby to explore a new space of artistic expression.


Therefore, after several weeks of relentless work, the result of our technical challenge is now placed on the slabs of the Water Mirror. It is with emotion and pride that we witness how users and skateboarders will make these sculptures their own. This vision of a successful fusion between skateboarding and urban art is now a reality, and we invite everyone to experience this unique and transformative experience at the Bordeaux Water Mirror. Come and discover how sport, creativity, and innovation come together to redefine the world of skateboarding.