How does it work?

From single item to series

Do you dream of a construction or object with a unique shape, but costs and timelines discourage you? Our concrete 3D printing technology offers you the creative freedom you need, without compromising on quality or durability.

With our innovative process, each piece can be made to measure, quickly and efficiently, without the need for formwork, prefabrication, or additional costs.Discover how our revolutionary method can bring all your construction and design projects to life, with stunning results.

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    Initial contact

    We first study your request, if it is a new design. We can reflect with you on a problem and help you design an element. We have the ability to design, conceptualize, digitize your idea to create a 3D representation. It is also possible that you send us your 3D file directly.

    We have an in-house design office, thanks in particular to our machine partner XTREEE. An object with complex technical constraints and resistances will be sent to a design office with which we work.

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    The second step is to build an optimized print path using the 3D file of the desired part. This course will be designed to respect the details of the original design while creating a light structure that meets the requirements of stability and solidity.

    In other words, we implement a smart printing strategy that helps ensure the quality and functionality of the finished concrete part.

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    Send digital file to printer

    Once we have built the optimized print path, we can generate a file that contains all the information needed for printing. This file will include the detailed specifications of the course, as well as the technical parameters required to guarantee an optimal rendering.

    After verification and validation, we send this file to the 3D printing robot so that it can execute the course with precision. This transmission ensures that the robot has all the information needed to produce a high quality concrete part that meets design and performance criteria.

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    Once we have passed the path file to our 3D printing robot, we are ready to proceed with the printing itself. This process is carefully parameterized to ensure maximum accuracy and reliable reproducibility. We make sure all settings are standardized to get consistent results every time. However, depending on the specific projects and objectives, we can use different printing inks in order to meet the unique needs of each project (from ultra-high performance concretes, but also developed other binders such as plaster, materials based on clay and geopolymers).

    Thanks to our rigorous methodology and our use of state-of-the-art technology, we are able to produce high quality concrete parts that meet the highest performance and design requirements.

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    Sending (transportation)

    Once the print is finished, it is necessary to wait for some drying time before the printed part can be used or transported. This delay depends on the size and complexity of the printed structure, but it is crucial to ensure the strength and durability of the final part.

    After this drying time, your printed concrete part is ready to be sent to its final destination. For large-scale projects, we can also integrate technical elements such as handling means for easier and safer handling.