Charge tests: the unshakable strength of our elements

Our journey into the world of 3D concrete printing has brought us to a pivotal moment: testing the strength of our elements. Why? Because we believe in the fusion of technological innovation and robustness, and we wanted to share this conviction with the world.

So, we subjected our 3 benches to the tests required to meet the NF P 99-610 standard. This standard ensures the quality and durability of urban furniture elements for ambiance and cleanliness, such as public benches, to ensure their compliance with the requirements of public spaces.



Additive technology serving strength

When we launched our Odyssée, Urban Lounger, and Prismatique benches, we knew they had to live up to their names. Innovation came in the form of 3D concrete printing. That's how they were born, layer by layer, to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and strength. We then wanted to see if they met the NF P 99-610 standard.




The dynamic load test 

The benches underwent a dynamic load test. They withstood the dynamic forces required, demonstrating that 3D concrete printing technology is ready to meet modern challenges.




The static load test 

However, we didn't stop there. The benches underwent a second, even more impressive test: a demanding static load test. A silent spectacle ensued. A ton of cement bags rested proudly on our benches, and they didn't budge. This demonstrated the power of creating sturdy and functional objects through 3D concrete printing.


Beyond the numbers 

These tests aren't just numbers. They embody our vision: 3D concrete printing brings innovation and strength to the world of urban furniture. However, we didn't stop there. Our Odyssey, Urban Lounger, and Prismatic benches are much more than simple seats - they are the result of a bold technological adventure.


The tests to meet the NF P 99-610 standard were a resounding success, validating our elements and demonstrating that it's now possible to combine modern aesthetics with unwavering robustness. These are not just benches or any other elements; they represent the future of urban furniture.