3D Concrete printing: the perfect blend of precision and innovation

3D concrete printing is revolutionizing the construction industry by combining precision, creativity, and innovation. With our expertise in parametric 3D modeling, we are pushing the boundaries of architecture and construction. Concrete extrusion with our XtreeE robot enables the creation of unique shapes and custom structures.

We offer endless, tailor-made possibilities for architects, urban planners, and designers. Each creation is the result of close collaboration between cutting-edge technology and technical expertise. From artistic facades to urban furniture elements, our personalized approach ensures exceptional finishes and unmatched quality.




Our passion for innovation and our constant pursuit of customized solutions allows us to push the boundaries of 3D concrete printing. With our access to XtreeE's "studio," we can collaborate with engineers, researchers, and architects to undertake bold projects.









Customized 3D concrete printing provides a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution in the field of construction. By using local materials and optimizing the amount of concrete required, we reduce the environmental footprint of our projects. Moreover, 3D printing technology allows for waste minimization and eliminates traditional manufacturing constraints. With this eco-responsible approach, we contribute to building a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.








At 3D Concrete, we believe in the future of customized 3D concrete printing. Our ambition is to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving technology. Whether you are an architect, a construction professional, or simply curious, come and explore the fascinating world of 3D concrete printing, where creativity and innovation converge.