3D concrete printing at the Ciffreo Bona Trade Fair

Concrete extrusion is revolutionizing the world of urban furniture. Thanks to 3D concrete printing, an innovative additive technology, we are able to create unique and bespoke objects, enabling a new era of urban design.

The Ciffreo Bona Trade Fair, which recently took place in Nice, was an opportunity to demonstrate the potential of this technology. Thanks to the trust of our partner Chamorin, we were able to present three of our pieces.


The enthusiasm was immediate. Ciffreo Bona Sanary, a local company, fell in love with our pieces and decided to acquire them directly at the trade fair. This event allowed us to confirm the growing interest in the world of urban furniture.

This additive technology offers unparalleled design flexibility. Each piece can be customized in terms of shape, dimensions, and colors. In addition, the use of high-performance concrete allows a 30% reduction in carbon impact compared to conventional concrete, thus aligning our products with the objectives of robustness, durability, and respect for the environment.




In summary, the event at the Ciffreo Bona Trade Fair was a success and an affirmation of the effectiveness of our innovation. We would like to thank Chamorin for their trust and Ciffreo Bona Sanary for their enthusiasm and support.

We look forward to continuing to develop and share our 3D concrete printing technology. Concrete extrusion opens up unprecedented possibilities and we are convinced that this additive technology will continue to surprise and inspire the field of urban furniture.